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Whitley Jar Gassing System

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley Jar Gassing System

With the Whitley Jar Gassing System you can create perfect conditions for growing anaerobes in jars in just 2 minutes for less than 18 pence and for microaerophiles in 15 seconds for less than 3 pence (compared with about £1.60 for every gas generating kit used).

A full colour touch screen control panel allows you to monitor, in real time, that the criteria necessary for the creation of either anaerobic or microaerobic conditions has been met.

The Whitley Jar Gassing System has an built-in fault detector to create an alert if a jar is leaking. It is essential that jars remain air tight to maintain conditions and that you have confidence that the jar will maintain the correct conditions throughout the incubation period. As the Jar Gassing System pulls a vacuum, it detects the jar is sealed by the speed that the vacuum is pulled (if the jar is leaking it will not be able to create a vacuum).

If you already have anaerobic jars that you wish to use you can order the adaptor kit, which will enable you to connect this anaerobic jar system to most types of jar.

Whitley Jar Gassing System Features:

  • Reduces the cost of creating microaerobic conditions by 98% and anaerobic conditions by 89%.
  • Reduces the time taken to create required conditions – gas packs can take up to an hour but the Jar Gassing system removes the atmosphere and replaces it with anaerobic mixed gas very quickly.
  • It is easy to use (with instructions in English, German and French) so no complicated operator training is required.
  • Jar uses low-temperature, re-usable catalyst sachets.
  • Incorporates PIN code-protected user access levels for additional security.
  • The optional printer provides you with a hard copy audit trail for accreditation purposes.
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