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Dist Line


Dist Line

Mason Technology in partnership with BUCHI are delighted to introduce the latest in BUCHI’s latest steam distillation units the BUCHI Dist Line. The BUCHI Dist Line is extremely versatile and is designed for a broad range of analytes while offering the highest operational safety. The instruments perfectly fit our customers  individual needs and enable the highest performance in the most flexible way.




Key benefits of choosing the BUCHI Dist Line:

Experience flexibility & convenience:

  • Perform a broad variety of applications for a versatile analysis
  • Intuitive touch screen for easy process handling
  • Upgradeable on demand to automate your analysis in the most convenient way
Maximise accuracy & performance:
  • Automatic recognition of distillation start for perfect reproducibility
  • Distillation endpoint is recognized automatically for highest accuracy
  • Automated titration with connected titrators for minimum user interaction

Work securely & efficiently:

  • Innovative sensor technology minimizes exposure of the user
  • No preheating required resulting in higher time-efficiency
  • Automated distillation and titration enable unattended operation
  • Intelligent cooling water control for reduced user interaction

Key features of the BUCHI  Dist Line:

  • Broad application flexibility: The Dist Line covers a broad range of applications and samples thanks to the built-in acid-resistant pump in BasicDist and MultiDist. With the help of our application notes, you can easily measure multiple analytes, such as alcohol, sulfite, cyanide, formaldehyde, phenol, essential oils, volatile acids, but also protein, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, in your specific sample matrix.
  • AutoDist function: Thanks to the AutoDist function, measurements are unaffected by temperature differences within the device. This function recognizes the start of the condensation process and adjusts the distillation start time automatically in the individual measurement. This is achieved with a built-in temperature sensor within the condensate vessel and leads to more reproducible results.
  • Cooling water control: The cooling water control automatically saves water by intelligent flow limitation. Once steam distillation starts, water begins to flow through the condenser and the distillate is collected. Before and after distillation, the device automatically closes the cooling water valve. This feature saves approximately 20 % of water during determinations and eliminates concerns regarding the water supply.
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