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Melting Point System MP55

Mettler Toledo

Melting Point System MP55

Simple and versatile, the Melting Point System MP55 from Mettler Toledo offers everything that is needed for the simple and automatic determination of melting and slip melting points. It is the ideal starter model and offers simultaneous determination of up to 3 melting point/melting range or 2 slip melting point samples up to a maximum temperature of 570°F/300°C.


Melting Point System MP55 overview

  • Simple One Click™ Operation: The One Click™ user interface enables users to start measurements with a single click of the button.
  • Colour video recording: With the high-resolution on-screen video, measurements can be observed in real time or conveniently replayed to verify the results.
  • Trusted performance: The instrument offers automatic detection of melting and slip melting point all in one.


Features of the Melting Point System MP55

  • Reliable Results: No need for continuous visual observation. The automatic detection of transmission intensity and digital image analysis replaces time-consuming and error-prone manual measurement.
  • One Click™ User Interface: The large colour display with the intuitive One Click™ touchscreen user interface minimises training and operator influence. Quick familiarisation is guaranteed with the common user interface for all Analytical Laboratory instruments.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Simultaneous measurement of up to 3 samples for melting point/melting range, or up to 2 for slip melting point saves valuable time and effort. Short heating and cooling times allow more analyses to be performed in a shorter period of time.
  • Video Recorded: Visual data is stored for unattended measurements. The high-resolution videos can be conveniently replayed on the instrument at any time, allowing measurement integrity to be verified.


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