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DP75 | Digital Microscope Colour Camera

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

DP75 | Digital Microscope Colour Camera

The Evident DP75 digital microscope colour camera is a high-performance, multi-application imaging tool that makes it easy to capture high-resolution brightfield or fluorescence images using a single camera. It simplifies your microscopy imaging, so you can focus more on your work.


DP75 digital microscope colour camera overview

  • Sharper Microscopy Images, Clearer Insights: The DP75 camera makes it easier than ever to capture sharp, low-noise images. Its exceptional color reproduction makes your images as vivid as looking through the microscope oculars.
  • Infrared Fluorescence Imaging: The DP75 camera supports multiple staining combinations and wavelengths up to 1000 nm with a switchable infrared (IR) cut filter. This setup enables you to—for example—check your sample conditions with your standard widefield microscope before spending time on a confocal microscope to finalize your imaging.
  • Smart Observation Detection: The AI-based scene detection feature automatically recognizes five observation methods (brightfield, fluorescence, phase contrast, differential interference contrast, and polarization), enabling anyone to obtain high-quality images with minimal training.


DP75 advanced analysis capabilities

  • Linear mode enables relative intensity evaluation on a fluorescence image so that you can quantitatively compare the intensity of fluorescence expressions.
  • Easily overlay fluorescence and brightfield images with pixel precision since you are using the same sensor for brightfield and fluorescence. Precisely identify the location of fluorescent expression, helping you focus on the relevant morphology and localization of your specimen.
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