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cellSens | Imaging Software

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

cellSens | Imaging Software

The Evident cellSens imaging software platform gives you full control over the display and placement of icons, toolbars, and controls, enabling the software to grow and adapt to meet your evolving research needs.


cellSens imaging software packages

  • cellSens Entry: cellSens Entry is the ideal stepping stone for researchers wanting to move into digital image acquisition and documentation, providing all the tools needed for simple image acquisition.
  • cellSens Standard: The Olympus cellSens Standard software version builds upon the cellSens Entry package, taking acquisition beyond a single image, with advanced image capture processes (e.g. time lapse) and control of motorized and encoded microscope components.
  • cellSens Dimension: The most versatile member of the Olympus cellSens family is cellSens Dimension, featuring fully automated image acquisition, powerful analysis tools, and so much more.


cellSens overview

  • 5D Experiment Acquisition: Acquire images in five dimensions using tools, like the Graphic Experiment Manager (GEM) and Well Navigator that help you visualize your data acquisition in a user-friendly way.
  • Image Processing and Sharing: Reveal the true data in your images with TruSight deconvolution and other image processing techniques. Easily share your results with others using Conference Mode or drag and drop data into preconfigured reports.
  • Powerful Analysis Tools: Dynamically work with your images to extract the most data for the reliable experimental results. The software’s deep-learning technology (TruAI) offers improved segmentation analysis. Use the Macro Manager to automate entire workflows all the way through image analysis and saving.
  • Customizable User Interface: Choose a recommended layout for image acquisition and analysis or create your own using the My Functions tool set.
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