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BX63 | Motorised Microscope

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

BX63 | Motorised Microscope

Flexible and easy to use, the Evident BX63 fully motorised microscope uses the motorised nosepiece to focus onto the sample, enabling the stage to be fixed for added stability. The smooth, silent motorized stage is driven by ultrasonic piezo technology for precise operation.


BX63 motorised microscope overview

  • Fast, Efficient Image Capture: Enter observation condition data in the touch panel controller, and it’s automatically transferred to cellSens image analysis software. The process manager enables fully automated multichannel image acquisition.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: The controller enables you to change observation methods with just a touch. Choose between guidance mode to navigate the procedures currently in use and full mode for access to the entire range of settings. You can save multiple observation points and conditions in advance and quickly recall previously used imaging conditions.
  • Familiar Focusing and XY Stage Controls: You can detach the stage controller from the frame and place it where it’s most convenient. When used with the ultrasonic stage, it creates a user-friendly workflow with an operation that mimics a manual focusing stage. Switches on the controller enable you to change between different observation methods, objectives, and mirror units while simultaneously selecting intensity adjustments or image capture.
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