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Buchi‘s parallel evaporation instruments offer synchronized sample solutions in two configurations: SyncorePlus Analyst lets you evaporate samples to a specified volume as a pre-analytical step. SyncorePlus Polyvap enables the highest sample throughput.

  • Concentration to final volume: 0.3 mL, 1.0 mL, 3.0 mL

  • Rotation speed: 60 – 400 rpm

  • Temperature range: 20 – 100 °C

Key Facts about the SyncorePlus


Unattended operation
  • SyncorePlus is fully automated and easy to use, allowing you to perform parallel evaporation with minimal supervision, freeing your time for other tasks. Process automation ensures the highest analytical precision and safety standards of our synchronized sample solutions.
Gentle evaporation conditions
  • Perform a fast and gentle evaporation process with vacuum-vortex evaporation that ensures the protection of volatile and heat-sensitive analytes, even when using high boiling point solvents such as water, DMSO, or DMF. Decreasing pressure to reduce the boiling point improves energy efficiency.
Safe and environmental friendly
  • Our sophisticated condenser system and highly efficient peripheral instruments ensure the safety of users and the environment.
  • The secondary condenser prevents vapor from leaking into the atmosphere.


Flexibility & Adaptability

We designed SyncorePlus Analyst to accommodate your specific workflow and sample requirements. Safely and efficiently concentrate up to 12 samples to a predefined residual volume, ranging from 0.3 mL, 1 mL, to 3 mL per sample. With interchangeable racks and a wide range of accessories, create the perfect system for your needs.

Intelligent design for sustainability & safety

Intelligent design ensures recoveries and enhances sustainability and safety. Individual sample sealing and the use of inert materials inhibit cross-contamination. Additionally, a cooled appendix protects heatsensitive analytes. This unique design ensures safety, with no loss of volatile compounds.

Enhance your efficiency

Using our Flushback Module enables you to achieve the highest analyte recoveries and most reliable results. The Flushback Module for the R-6 and R-12 rack improves recovery rates by flushing back analyte that adheres to the glass walls with condensed vapor during the evaporation process. For a direct view of the entire evaporation process, you can use an additional Crystal Rack for the R-4 and R-6 racks.

Volume versatility

Our instruments can accommodate BUCHI’s Polyvap glass tubes of all sizes in 4, 6, and 12 rack positions with working volumes ranging from 0.5 mL to 500 mL. Additionally, third party test tubes are compatible with our 24, 48, and 96 position racks. Thanks to its vacuum vortex technology, our SyncorePlus Polyvap «Throughput» significantly improves sample throughput gently and economically.

Interchangeable racks

We offer a broad selection of racks to accommodate any workflow or throughput; from our specially designed Crystal Racks that come in four or six positions and provide full visibility of the sample during evaporation; to our EasyFill Racks that come in 12, 24, 48, and 96 positions. Increase productivity, save energy, and reduce costs with our numerous parallel evaporation solutions.

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