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Pipet Helper® | Mechanical Pipette Aid


Pipet Helper® | Mechanical Pipette Aid

With its lightweight and ergonomic design, the Pipet Helper from Eppendorf makes everyday liquid handling tasks more comfortable and enjoyable. This mechanical pipette aid is the ideal instrument for less experienced users thanks to its robust and intuitive design that makes it easy for anyone to adjust the meniscus with precision. Liquids can be drawn up easily without exerting any pressure and a single lever controls low-force aspiration and dispensing of liquids up to 100 mL at once; splash-free blow-out provides additional safety. The specially designed aspirating cone ensures secure seating for all measuring and volumetric pipets (glass and plastic).


Features of the Pipet Helper

  • Lightweight mechanical pipette controller with reduced operating force
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning due to easy disassembly, few parts and fully autoclavable
  • Comfortable working because of the good balance and pleasing material
  • The aspirating bulb enables pipetting of volumes up to 100 mL at once
  • Single lever controls low force aspirating and dispensing
  • High control over the liquid movement due to very sensitive valve unit
  • Drop-wise dispensing and blow out without splashing
  • Drainage without any additional pressure delivers very reproducible results
  • Drip stop via hydrophobic membrane filter (3 µm)
  • The special silicon pipet adapter guarantees a secure pipette fit


Eppendorf Pipet Helper® applications

  • Preparation of a buffer for chromatography
  • Preparation of a fluid for fermentation
  • Sample transfer within petrochemistry
  • Generate a sample within water analytics
  • Preparation of assays
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