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LabX™ | Laboratory Software

Mettler Toledo

LabX™ | Laboratory Software

Mettler Toledo LabX™ software brings power to your laboratory bench with automatic data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance. Full step-by-step guidance is brought directly to the instrument touch screen.

LabX software can connect to METTLER TOLEDO analytical balances, precision balances, microbalances and ultra micro balances, automated Quantos dosing systems, compact titrators, excellence titrators, Karl Fischer titrators, pH meters, UV Vis spectrophotometers, refractometers, density meters, and melting point devices. It is used as an electronic notebook to easily meet ALCOA+ principles with various measurement instruments and devices.


Multiple instruments, one Software

Streamline processes and reduce system maintenance with LabX™ laboratory software:

  • Manage instruments, resources, SOPs, tasks and users centrally, then distribute to connected instruments.
  • Seamlessly integrate your lab systems into ELNs, LIMS or ERPs via the single LabX interface to cover complete workflows.
  • Reduce effort for validation, maintenance and support of your computerized lab systems that fulfil data integrity guidelines.
  • Ensure smooth operation and easy data transfer within your lab systems and workflows with a single interface.


LabX makes compliance easy

Fulfill regulation and data integrity requirements efficiently with LabX™ laboratory software:

  • Secure your workflows and help ensure reliable and quality data.
  • Ensure traceability and data integrity according to the ALCOA+ framework throughout the workflow.
  • The audit trail and electronic signature features are at hand to enable efficient compliance with regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Access all your data quickly and easily for a streamlined audit process.


Increased Workflow Efficiency

Speed up your workflow process with LabX™ laboratory software:

  • Automate your multi-parameter workflows to increase throughput and reduce cost per sample.
  • Prevent transcription errors thanks to electronic data management that provides automatic, complete, and reliable data collection from analyses.
  • Programmed standard operating procedures (SOPs) in LabX workflows provide step by step operator guidance at the instrument terminal for error-free operation.
  • Improve reliability and accuracy with LabX asset management that helps ensure only adjusted and calibrated resources are in use.
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