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Spectrophotometer UV5

Mettler Toledo

Spectrophotometer UV5

UV/Vis Spectroscopy – Fast and Compact

The Mettler Toledo UV5 spectrophotometer is a fast and compact UV/Vis spectroscopy device. It offers instant spectrophotometry with no warm-up and full-spectrum scanning in just one second. This instrument saves bench space and is built with a xenon flash lamp and no moving parts, ensuring robustness. It has an intuitive interface and guided workflow specifically designed for quality control, water testing, and colour measurement.


Key Features of the Spectrophotometer UV5

  • Simple One Click™ Operation: The instrument’s operation is made simple with the One Click™ feature, accessed through the large colour touchscreen. Each user has a personalized home screen, allowing them to perform daily tasks with just one click.
  • Ready to Use: When you receive the UV5 spectrophotometer, it is ready for immediate use. Power it up, and you can start taking measurements right away.


Overview of the Spectrophotometer UV5

  • Keep Control of Costs with Easy Maintenance: The absence of moving parts in the optical set-up makes the instrument robust and easy to maintain, helping you control costs.
  • Measurements within one second with Advanced Technology: Measurements can be obtained within seconds due to the integration of modern fibre optics, a CCD array detector, and a xenon flash lamp. This combination allows for a complete spectrum scan in just one second.
  • Open Sample Area for Fast and Easy Handling: The instrument features an open sample compartment, facilitating fast and easy sample handling. Installing accessories such as holders is a straightforward process.
  • Clean Up Your Lab Bench with Compact Layout and Standalone Operation: With its compact design, the UV5 spectrophotometer takes up minimal space on your lab bench. It can be operated as a standalone device without a PC, reducing clutter in your workspace.

Download the UV/VIS Excellence Spectrophotometers Brochure

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