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DSC 5+ | Thermal Analysis System

Mettler Toledo

DSC 5+ | Thermal Analysis System

Thermal Analysis comprises a group of techniques that measure physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time. It provides laboratories with valuable results and new information in quality assurance and control, process and product development, and research. The Mettler Toledo Excellence thermal analysis system allow you to characterize sample materials over a very wide temperature range.


The DSC 5+ Thermal Analysis System overview

  • FlexMode™ technology: choose power compensation or heat flux mode for optimal DSC performance
  • Time-saving FlexCal™ adjustment: Guarantees accurate results under all measurement conditions.
  • Unrivalled modular concept: Tailor-made solutions for current and future needs.
  • Wide temperature range: From -150 to 700 °C in one measurement.
  • Robot with gas-purged sample chamber: The optional sample robot protects samples from the environment and operates reliably around the clock.
  • CombiCooler: This option is a combined LN2 cooling and intracooler for accessing the entire temperature range with reduced liquid nitrogen consumption.


DSC 5+ features

  • MultiStar™ sensor with 136 thermocouples: Exceptional sensitivity for the measurement of weak effects.
  • Power compensation: Provides outstanding resolution for separating close-lying effects.
  • Patented electrical heat flow adjustment: Saves time and ensures excellent measurement accuracy.
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