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Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180


Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180

The Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180 from BUCHI is a chemically resistant and affordable vacuum source with a compact design. The speed-control solution guarantees the vacuum pump operates quietly and without hassle.

  • Final vacuum:15 mbar (V-80), 10 mbar (V-180)
  • Footprint (W x D):185 x 207 mm
  • Vacuum capacity:1.3 m3/h (V-80), 1.5 m3/h (V-180)

Overview of V-80 and V-180 Vacuum Pumps for use with the R-80 Rotary Evaporator

Quiet vacuum generation

The Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180 is an excellent choice for affordable lab equipment as it is a highly effective vacuum source. Thanks to the speed-controlled operation of the V-80 / V-180, you benefit from a quiet vacuum generation and reduced bumping.

Compact and convenient

The Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180 boasts a compact design that promises exceptional convenience. Stack two pumps to effectively halve the occupied space and couple them with an interface to deliver precise vacuum regulation.

High chemical resistance

Designed with BUCHI’s dedication to quality, chemically resistant materials were selected for the Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180. This results in a reliable product that can handle the harshest environments and is ready to operate in the most demanding labs.

Features  of the V-80 and V-180 Vacuum Pumps

  • Reduced noise levels: Thanks to speed control, the pump operates smoothly to maintain the set vacuum. This results in very low noise emission (as low as 32 dB) and a more comfortable working environment.
  • Decreased contamination: When connected to the Interface I-80 / I-180, the speed control mode of the Vacuum Pump ensures pressure levels are held uniformly. This not only minimises the risk of bumping it also reduces noise emission significantly and extends the life-time of the pump.


Interface I-80 / I-180

for use with the R-80 Rotary Evaporator

The Interface I-80 / I-180 is the optimal solution for affordable and efficient vacuum regulation. For the user’s convenience, the Interface I-80 / I-180 can be mounted on top of the Rotavapor® R-80 to have one central control unit or be attached to the Vacuum Pump V-80 / V-180 or a lab stand.

Overview of the Interface I-80 and I-180 for use with the R-80 Rotary Evaporator

Navigation control

The Interface I-180 is very easy to use, and it automatically controls the vacuum and has one central navigation control with which all major parameters can be set. For more flexibility, the vacuum can be controlled by targeting a set pressure or with the continuous mode.

Convenient and intuitive

The Interface I-180 provides you with user-friendly handling thanks to the self-explanatory display. Benefit from precise vacuum control from the most convenient location, made possible by versatile mounting options. An external valve unit allows vacuum control in combination with a pre-installed house vacuum solution.

Cost-efficient option

The Interface I-80 is a suitable option for those with basic needs. The Interface I-80 is used for manual vacuum control. Thanks to the central navigation control of the Interface I-80, you can conveniently control the pump speed, and a needle valve allows fine-tuning of the final pressure.

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