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Pipette Calibration Service – INAB (ISO 17025) accredited

Pipette calibration, preventative maintenance and repair covering all major pipette manufacturers

Our INAB accredited Pipette Calibration Service assures customers of a consistent quality in their pipetting results.  Delivered by expert, technically competent engineers, we can calibrate, maintain, and repair pipettes from all manufacturers including Eppendorf, Labnet, Rainin, Sartorius and Gilson.

Available in-house and on-site, our Pipette Calibration Services can be tailored to suit your own specific requirements e.g., an ‘as found’ (prior to repair or adjustment) calibration, an ‘as left’ (post repair & adjustment) calibration or a combination of both.

About our Pipette Calibration Services

  • INAB (ISO 17025) pipette calibration in accordance with ISO 8655
  • Single & multichannel pipettes
  • All manufacturers supported including Eppendorf, Labnet, Rainin, Sartorius, Gilson, as well as other leading brands
  • In-house and on-site service
  • In-house laboratory test range: single channel from 0.1µl to 100,000µl and multichannel from 0.1µl to 10,000µl
  • On-site test range: 0.2µl to 100,000µl

We calibrate pipettes for all major brands including:

Pipette calibration for range of pipette brands

Why choose Mason Technology to calibrate your pipettes?

By choosing Mason Technology to calibrate your pipettes, you are guaranteed that they will be calibrated with the right equipment, using the correct procedures, and in the right environment giving you complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your pipetting results.

Our INAB accredited calibration services

Mason Technology is the largest Irish owned scientific service solution provider in Ireland. With 240 years experience and INAB (ISO 17025) accreditation since 1994, we are committed to meeting our clients service requirements and assisting with your laboratory compliance through our range of services.

INAB accredited Calibration Services

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