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Ensure the precision and reliability of your laboratory equipment with our INAB accredited Calibration Services

Accuracy in laboratories is critically important and this is dependent, in part, on the reliability and precision of your laboratory equipment.

Over time, usage and environmental conditions affect the reliability of such equipment and this in turn negatively impacts the accuracy of results.

Regular calibration of laboratory equipment, by a manufacturer trained and accredited calibration service provider, will ensure that it is working properly and in line with manufacturer recommendations. Additionally, it will help meet the sometimes-stringent compliance requirements of the industry.

At Mason Technology, we specialise in the calibration of laboratory equipment. Working with clients in pharmaceutical, biopharma, food & beverage, medical devices and clinical healthcare, we offer INAB accredited calibration services from our dedicated Service Support Centre in Dublin and on-site at our client’s facilities.  Our calibration services cover a wide range of laboratory equipment including pipettes, balances, scales, ovens, incubators, autoclaves, freezers, thermometers, and centrifuges.

Our INAB (ISO 17025) Accredited Calibration Services

The value of Laboratory Accreditation

Laboratory accreditation is regarded as a reliable indicator of technical competence and Mason Technology has held INAB (ISO 17025) accreditation since 1994.

Our Calibration Laboratory policies and procedures on training, calibration methods, quality assurance, reporting and measurement traceability have been thoroughly assessed since our accreditation by INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board) in 1994 (Reg No. 43C). Additionally, the ISO 17025 standard requires us to establish and maintain a quality system.

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ISO 17025 (INAB) accredited for Weighing, Mass, Digital Indicators/ Probes (Thermometers), Heat & Temperature Mapping, Speed Measuring Devices (Centrifuge), Humidity Meter Calibrations and Volume (Pipettes & Burettes) – Reg. No. 043C.

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