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PFA779 Lift

Mettler Toledo

PFA779 Lift

The distinctiveness of the Mettler Toledo PFA779 Lift platforms lies in its hygienic weighing platform design. Thanks to hermetically welded section tubes, contaminants cannot collect inside the scale.


PFA779 Lift features

  • Hermetically Sealed: Hermetically welded special section tubes avoid hollows and hidden edges. All hinges are sealed with synthetic discs. Contaminations have no possibility to collect at inaccessible spots.
  • “Cable Inside”: No cable tangle any more! The load cells are laid inside the scale and sealed with screwed cable glands.
  • Perfect Cleaning: The new design of all sensitive areas of the weighing platform combines the demand for best metrology and requirements for optimal cleaning.


Overview of the PFA779 Lift

  • Corrosion prevention: No seam corrosion thanks to tightly welded section tubes
  • Contamination protection: Easy cleaning even in difficult areas enabled by optimum routing of load cells cables
  • IP protection: IP68 protection for scale interface and load cells
  • Load cell protection: Durability thanks to integrated overload stop combined with skirt protection
  • Static protection: Maximum stability provided by cross members combined with reinforced load plate


PFA779 Lift options

  • Digital scale interface calibrated 1st or 2nd step
  • Patterned or ground load plate surface
  • Acid-proof stainless steel in AISI 316
  • Length of the connection cable


PFA779 field of application

  • Wet, dry
  • Hazardous areas


We calibrate test weights, balances, and scales up to and including 100 tonnes.  Calibrations are carried out in conjunction with industrial minimum weight testing and GWP Verification to meet full regulatory compliance requirements. Click here for more information.

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