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Calibration of Industrial Weighing Equipment – Scales, Balances, Weighbridges

Calibration of Industrial Weighing and Measuring Equipment

Industrial measuring equipment such as scales, weighbridges, and loadcells for vessels and tanks are precision instruments that must report accurate data. The reliability of their recorded measurements diminishes over time due to factors such as frequency of use, accidental damage, user behaviour, and changes in the environmental conditions.

The regular calibration of your industrial measuring equipment is vital to ensure the integrity of your data as it checks the accuracy of the measurement results and compares it against a known standard.

Working with clients in pharmaceutical, biopharma, and food & beverage, all of our calibrations are carried out to the specific requirements of the customer.

Test Weights and Scales Calibration
  • Certification of balances and scales up to and including 100 tonnes
  • In conjunction with industrial minimum weight testing and GWP Verification to meet full regulatory compliance requirements
  • Delivered on-site or from our dedicated Service Centre
Vessel Calibration
  • Certified calibration of your measuring vessels
  • Calibration methods include external vessel calibration (force calibration) and flow meter calibration
  • Delivered on-site
Weighbridge Calibration
  • Our weighbridge test unit has 30 tonne of test weights traceable to national standards and an integrated forklift
  • Calibration service is delivered by a fully trained driver and an accredited engineer
  • Capable of calibrating a range of weighbridge sizes due to the mix of available weights

Supporting you in achieving compliance

GWP Verification from Mason Technology
GWP® Verification
  • GWP® Verification can be issued for any weighing device independent of model or manufacturer. It provides all necessary information to maintain lifelong accuracy of your balances and scales.
  • During our GWP® Verification process we analyse and assess the installed weighing equipment. In consultation with the customer, we carry out a risk analysis on-site, we test the accuracy of the weighing equipment, and we provide an optimised testing and calibration scheme.
  • GWP® Verification provides cost reduction and audit-proof documentation for all balances and scales at your site.
Minimum Weight Testing
  • Balances and scales are tested according to the smallest quantity that the user wants to weigh based on their site process requirements
  • Weighing process is tested and documented in a Minimum Weight Certificate
  • USP and Non USP Minimum Weight Certificates tailored to customer specific process, ensures the customer is confident they are weighing the correct amount on the appropriate Scale or Balance
  • Audit proof documentation of testing regimes when combined with GWP Verification

Designed and developed by Mason Technology for the generation of certificates during the calibration process. SmartCert Software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


We are here to help you

With Mason Technology you get access to unrivalled scientific expertise.

With a scientific or engineering background and a specific focus area, our sales specialists are experts in their field giving them a distinct advantage when specifying products or designing scientific solutions for clients.  We forge strong partnerships with our suppliers ensuring we have access to additional product and solution expertise when needed.

Manufacturer trained in the products we represent, our service engineers work closely with our validations specialists to ensure that equipment is installed and commissioned in line with regulatory requirements.  This is especially important in heavily regulated industries such as pharma and biopharma.

If you have any questions regarding our calibration services for industrial and production environment measuring equipment, complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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