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SZX-AR1 | Augmented Reality Microscope System

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

SZX-AR1 | Augmented Reality Microscope System

The Evident AR1 augmented reality microscope system enables you to overlay text and digital images over your microscope’s field of view, making it easy to follow directions, read notes, and even watch videos without removing your eyes from the eyepieces.

The AR1 module works with Olympus SZX stereo microscopes, turning them into augmented reality tools that improve the speed and efficiency of your microscope-based manufacturing tasks and training.


Augmented Reality Microscope System overview

  • Use AR1 software to create an assembly manual.
  • Ergonomic components allow adjustment of tilt angle (5 to 45 degrees) and eyepoint height (within 120 mm range).
  • Open and project the assembly manual into the microscope’s field of view for Production Lines.
  • Zoom magnification sensor tracks magnification, enabling setting a defined magnification without eye distraction.
  • Navigate through the manual using buttons on the zoom magnification sensor or a footswitch for hands-free operation.
  • Keep eyes in eyepieces during assembly to reduce errors caused by eye movement.
  • Instructions are projected directly into the field of view, allowing annotations for documentation or remote assistance.
  • Project zoom-linked digital gauge, reticle, and grid to reduce manual operations.
  • Record images and movies of the assembly process for analysis or record-keeping
  • Use a digital pointer in the field of view for highlighting and explaining assembly steps.
  • Connect trainer and trainee using remote communication tools for remote training.
  • Project self-training videos directly into the trainee’s field of view
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