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Whitley A25 Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley A25 Workstation

The Don Whitley Scientific A25 Workstation might be small but it has the same precise control of parameters as our larger workstations, ensuring the very best anaerobic conditions are maintained. It has a capacity of 300 Petri dishes while still leaving more than adequate space to process samples in a strictly controlled anaerobic environment. Unlike with anaerobic jars, you can check your plates regularly and perform tasks inside the workstation without risk to your samples.

This workstation is equipped with instant access ports (but can be specified with oval, sleeved ports if required) and has a built-in, rapid airlock that can accommodate 20 x 90mm Petri dishes or 3 x 500 ml Duran bottles. The airlock allows items to be transferred into the workstation atmosphere in 20 seconds and the doors are interlocked so cannot be opened simultaneously.

The A25 is fitted with a full colour touchscreen providing the user with an intuitive interface to control and operate the workstation, as well as to display parameters. A single plate entry system (letterbox)is available to provide a straightforward way to quickly introduce individual Petri dishes into the workstation. Other options include cable glands, internal power socket, remote access, data logging(for traceability) and the opportunity to have Anaerobic and Catalyst Conditions Monitoring. The A25 can also be used for microaerobic applications simply by changing the gas supplies.

A25 Workstation Features:

  • Previously unavailable on a workstation of this size, Whitley Workstations are the only workstations to provide automatic early warnings about the status of the anaerobic atmosphere and catalyst function.
  • With a wide selection of options available, the A25 can fulfil the needs of any laboratory requiring a compact anaerobic workstation.
  • Very compact footprint – takes up little bench space but has the same precise control of parameters as larger Whitley Hypoxystations.
  • The colour touchscreen is controlled for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as temperature and humidity.
  • Ideal for use as a personal workstation that can be moved if required (a bespoke trolley is available).
  • Ethernet-enabled for remote access to the touchscreen.
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