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XPR Automatic Balances

Mettler Toledo

XPR Automatic Balances

Mettler Toledo XPR Automatic Balances, available from Mason Technology, enables you to achieve a level of weighing accuracy unmatched by manual procedures. Extremely small sample quantities can be dispensed at 2 µg readability, ensuring expensive and rare substances are used economically. The automated approach saves time and delivers highly reproducible results, thanks to the minimized influence of external sources of error on the weighing process.

You no longer need to spend large amounts of time diligently weighing out small samples. Simply enter the desired amount on your XPR Automatic Balance, and the precise amount is dispensed directly into your container in a fully automated process. Built-in sensors allow you to dispense into even the smallest of tare containers, eliminating sample transfer and its associated errors.

Choose automated weighing for accurate, efficient, and highly reproducible weighing processes.


XPR Automatic Balances overview

  • The New Standard Way of Weighing: Automated dispensing of powders and liquids is the new standard of weighing in today’s modern laboratory. The simple process requires no training.
  • Smallest Minimum Weight: Automatic weighing reduces the minimum weight by up to 30%, meaning you can make considerable savings by using less of your expensive samples.


Features of XPR Automatic Balances

  • Efficient and Safe: Incredibly easy to operate, laboratory technicians can deliver accurate and reproducible results in a safe and efficient manner even without training.
  • Perfect Concentrations: In combination with a liquid dispensing module, the XPR Automatic Balance enables you to prepare highly precise concentrations down to 0.1 mg/g. Achieving a dilution factor of 10,000 is possible in one single step. The amounts of solvent, standard and sample required are reduced considerably, saving costs and waste. The solution is prepared directly in the target container in an automated process – fast, accurate and cost-effective.
  • Automate Your Documentation: Simply connect your Balance to LabX® software and benefit from extensive data management options. Receive step-by-step user guidance on the balance display and maintain central control of instruments, tasks, and users.
  • Increased Productivity and Throughput: Simply add a sample changer to your XPR Automatic Balance and dispense solids and liquids into up to 30 containers in one fully automated run! The Mettler Toledo large portfolio of adapters supports many of the standard vials and containers used in a modern laboratory. In addition, we offer specific adapters for capsule filling applications.

Automatic Balance Applications

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