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Centrifuge 5702/ 5702 R/5702 RH – Low-Speed Centrifuges


Centrifuge 5702/ 5702 R/5702 RH – Low-Speed Centrifuges

The Eppendorf 5702 family of low-speed centrifuges, general purpose centrifuges was especially designed to meet the requirement of low- to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture labs. They are compact in design so that one can fit comfortably on every lab bench, quiet in operation to benefit your work environment, and provide 6 different centrifuge rotor options to accommodate any type of tube.

Make your lab environment a better place to work with the 5702 family of low-speed centrifuges that are quiet, user-friendly and so compact that you can fit one comfortably on every lab bench. The low access height allows for simple loading and unloading of samples.

Within the 5702 family, we offer three different models to suit your lab or your application. Centrifuge 5702, which is suitable for standard applications, the refrigerated Centrifuge 5702 R for heat sensitive samples, and the actively heated and refrigerated Centrifuge 5702 RH, which is well suited for working with living specimens, for example in cell culture.


Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702 low-speed centrifuges overview

Choose the right model to meet your temperature requirements:

  • Centrifuge 5702 – optimized air flow minimizes sample warming during run
  • Centrifuge 5702 R/RH – FastTemp function for fast pre-cooling
  • Centrifuge 5702 RH only – active heating guarantees high temperature accuracy during the entire centrifugation cycle
  • Centrifuge 5702 R/RH – reduced energy consumption and extended compressor life thanks to the ECO shut-off that engages after a period of inactivity

Safety Management

The 5702 family of low-speed centrifuges come with an easy to clean stainless steel rotor chamber. Automatic centrifuge rotor recognition and imbalance detection ensure operational safety and a key lock prevents accidental parameter changes. Optional aerosol-tight caps are ready for you to use when working with hazardous samples.


Features of the Centrifuge 5702 low-speed centrifuge

  • Max. speed: 3,052 × g (4,400 rpm)
  • Very compact footprint to fit on every lab bench
  • Very quiet operation to benefit your environment
  • Low access height for simple loading and unloading of samples
  • SOFT brake function for slow acceleration and braking. Optimized for cell separation by gradient centrifugation
  • “At set RPM” function starts the timer when the selected rotational speed is reached for reproducible centrifugation runs
  • Key lock to prevent unintentional adjustments
  • Stainless steel rotor chamber is rust-free and easy to clean
  • Electronic imbalance detection for maximum safety


Special features for Centrifuge 5702 R and Centrifuge 5702 RH

  • Temperature settings from -9 °C to 40 °C
  • FastTemp function for fast precooling
  • Continuous cooling maintains a constant temperature after the run has been completed – your samples stay cool
  • ECO shut-off engages after 8 hours of non-use to reduce energy consumption and extend compressor life
  • Two program keys to store routine programs
  • Active heating guarantees high temperature accuracy during the entire centrifugation cycle (only 5702 RH)
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