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Centrifuge 5910 Ri


Centrifuge 5910 Ri

The new refrigerated benchtop Eppendorf Centrifuge 5910 Ri stands out for its ease of use and versatility: The large 7-inch VisioNize® touch interface with an intuitive user experience provides fast and error-free operation, ensuring efficient and reproducible runs. Additionally, the documentation function and unique user management support your quality control with multiple authorization levels, password protection, and documentation of all runs and user activities. Together with a comprehensive portfolio of fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors, this centrifuge accommodates a particularly broad spectrum of applications, making it the perfect choice for multiuser labs with diverse requirements.


Centrifuge 5910 Ri overview

  • A truly intuitive touch interface experience: With the unique favorites function, the setting of parameters is now faster than ever: Frequently-used settings for time, temperature, and speed are directly accessible on the home screen, allowing users to create individual runs with just three clicks.
    With the program function, up to 99 programs each consisting of all run parameters (incl. ramps and radius correction settings) with clearly assigned names and a rotor compatibility check can be saved to avoid operation errors.
  • User Management and documentation features: To support your GLP/GxP requirements, the refrigerated benchtop Centrifuge 5910 Ri offers documentation of all settings and events that occur during the run. When combined with the user management function (usage optional), you can now track, what has been done, by whom, and when. Data export is available as a PDF or CSV file via USB or via VisioNize® Lab Suite.
    Are you ready to go paperless? Store all your data in a centralized location with our digital lab notebook software eLABJournal® and say goodbye to piles of paperwork cluttering your lab!
  • Outstanding centrifuge rotor versatility for a broad range of applications: Cell harvests in bottles up to 1,000 mL, large-scale DNA and RNA isolations and Ficoll® gradients for the purification of lymphocytes and monocytes are merely a few examples of the many possible areas of application for Centrifuge 5910 Ri. Its extensive versatility supports the needs of your lab today and well into the future.


Features of the Eppendorf Centrifuge 5910 Ri

  • Large 7-inch VisioNize® touch interface for super-fast parameter settings via unique favourites function
  • User management with multiple authorization levels and documentation features supporting GLP/GxP requirements
  • Swing-bucket rotors and adapters for tubes and bottles from 0.2 mL to 1,000 mL as well as all types of MTP, PCR or Deepwell Plates
  • Fixed-angle rotors for high-speed molecular biology applications in tubes from 0.2 mL to 250 mL
  • High centrifugation speed of up to 22,132 × g (14,000 rpm)
  • Aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® caps and lids for fast and ergonomic lid-locking
  • Quiet operation to improve your work environment
  • Centrifuge lid with soft-touch lid closure
  • Temperature ranges from -11 °C to 40 °C
  • Automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection for maximum operational safety
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