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Portable Density Meter – Densito & DensitoPro

Mettler Toledo

Portable Density Meter – Densito & DensitoPro

Designed to fit comfortably in a single hand, the lightweight Mettler Toledo Densito portable density meter allows for one-handed operation in the lab or on-the-go. Results are temperature-compensated and can be delivered in specific gravity, Brix, API units, and other formats.


Portable Density Meter overview

  • Analyze on the go: With its ergonomic design, this lightweight instrument fits neatly into your hand
  • Easy sampling: Comfortable measuring, using the joystick to control the automatic sampling pump, and avoid the added strain of manual sampling
  • Result range limits: Set up a range of acceptable limits for your products: results outside this range are color-coded for instant identification


Features of Handheld Density Meter Densito

  • Fast and accurate: Obtain quick measurement results with an accuracy to the third decimal place
  • Guided workflow: The Densito guides the operator through the entire measurement and cleaning cycles thanks to the built-in guided workflow option
  • Suitable for any industry: The sky is the limit: whether in the laboratory or the field, the instrument works for a variety of industries
  • Comprehensive results storage: The Densito stores up to 1,100 results, including sample ID, measurement unit, temperature correction coefficient, instrument ID, date and time
  • Excellent visibility: The brightly lit color display delivers excellent visibility both indoors and out. Easily spot bubbles or inconsistencies which may affect measurement, thanks to the backlit measuring cell


Features of Handheld Density Meter DensitoPro

  • RFID and barcode reader: Simply point and shoot to enter sample IDs using the built-in RFID and barcode reader


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