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The Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy  (ED-XRF) is a non-destructive analytical technique for identifying and quantifying elemental compositions in solid, powder, and liquid samples. It is widely used for non-destructive elemental analysis for quality and process control in applications including metals, chemicals, polymers, environmental testing, food safety, and pharmaceuticals, etc.

Shimadzu has been a world leading manufacturer of high-quality EDXRF spectrometers and provides a comprehensive product lineup including the EDX-7200 flagship model, which supports compliance of the newest consumer and environmental regulations; the EDX-8100, which offers a high level of accuracy and speed when analyzing elements and can also detect ultra-light elements; and the EDX-LE/EDX-LE Plus, which are designed specifically for screening elements regulated by RoHS/ELV directives. Learn more about our full lineup and how you can enhance your laboratory performance below.

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