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Lyovapor L-250 Freeze Dryer


Lyovapor L-250 Freeze Dryer

The Lyovapor L-250 Freeze Dryer, featuring BUCHI’s groundbreaking EcoStream™ technology is the most eco-friendly freeze-drying solution for your laboratory. The L-250 embodies BUCHI’s commitment to enhancing the sustainability of laboratory processes worldwide. The innovative cooling technology manages to reduce the environmental footprint of the instrument without compromising our commitment to quality and reliability

  • Lowest condenser temperature:-85°C
  • Condenser capacity:≤ 5 kg
  • Condensing capacity:≤ 4 kg / 24 h
  • GWP index:4

Key benefits of the Lyovapor L-250 Freeze Dryer

EcoStream™ Innovation

  • Achieve a condenser temperature of -85 °C with our ground-breaking compressor design.
  • Low global warming potential (GWP) of 4 with natural coolants reducing the environmental impact.
  • Lower the amount of heat output and noise emissions in your lab.

Save energy, enhance performance

  • Profit from reduced electrical energy consumption due to the smart compressor design.
    The stable ice condenser temperature allows for complete solvent collection, for large sample quantities, accompanied by endpoint determination.
  • Benefit from reliable freeze drying for water and organic-based solvents.

Embrace efficiency and elevate control

  • Featuring Infinite-Control™ technology.
  • Live graphic of process parameters on instrument display.
  • Easy installation on a bench, trolley, or fume hood.
  • Sample protective state is activated if the sample temperature rises above the set collapse temperature, safeguarding precious samples.
  • Upgrade from a Basic to a Pro instrument as your application needs change.

Key features of the Lyovapor L-250

  • Modular giving greater flexibility: Several drying chambers accommodate a wide range of applications. Unheated and heated shelves in combination with manifold, plain and stoppering cover as well as manifold rack with 12 to 24 connections.
  • Process Analytics: Endpoint determination using pressure and temperature difference tests for heated shelf applications and processes on a manifold steel drying rack.
  • Sample Protection Mode: The pro version features a sample protective state that automatically activates if the sample temperature rises above the set collapse temperature, offering peace of mind by safeguarding precious samples.
  • Process Monitoring: The system provides a real-time graphical display of key process parameters, including drying chamber pressure, sample temperature, and shelf temperature. These can be monitored directly through the interface as well as via an app and accompanying software.
  • Enhance your process with Lyovapor Software: Experience comprehensive data management tools, allowing for detailed analysis and evaluation of recorded data as well as customized reports. Designed for user-friendly operation, it allows you to conveniently create and start methods right from your desk.
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