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CycleManager X50 – PCR Control Software


CycleManager X50 – PCR Control Software

The Eppendorf CycleManager X50 allows control of up to fifty networked Mastercycler® X50 eco units. Control for PCR can be individual, simultaneous, or grouped – perfect for high-throughput, standardized protocols where reproducibility is paramount.

Password-protected user access is optional and users can be assigned different access rights, allowing greater PCR documentation capabilities than ever before. It can also email you when your PCR is complete!

  • Individual, simultaneous, or grouped control of up to fifty cyclers
  • Verification and service reminders to avoid accidental use of unverified cyclers
  • Comprehensive documentation capabilities

Note: CycleManager X50 can only control Mastercycler X50 eco unit variants without touchscreen interface.

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