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Mastercycler X50 – PCR Thermocycler


Mastercycler X50 – PCR Thermocycler

Available as standalone units, controlled by the user-friendly VisioNize® touchscreen interface, or externally controlled eco units, the Eppendorf Mastercycler X50 family offers the flexibility to meet all your throughput needs. Mastercycler X50 eco units can only be controlled by a connected Mastercycler X50 with a touchscreen, or the CycleManager X50 software.

Import your programs from slower cyclers to the Mastercycler X50 by only programming the total run time your current cycler needs. Mastercycler X50 automatically adjusts its ramp rate to the run time and the PCR will perform as you are used to. No further optimization of your proven protocols is needed.

Each standalone PCR thermocycler can be networked with up to nine additional eco units. For even higher throughput, you can control up to fifty MC X50 eco units with our CycleManager X50 software. Whichever you need, you’ll be able to monitor and manage every unit – individually, simultaneously or as a group – with the assurance that every PCR cycler provides excellent block homogeneity, accuracy and precision. For security, simply choose different levels of access for different users. Low noise and power usage, and the versatile flexlid® concept for maximized consumable flexibility, make the MC X50 the most powerful and convenient PCR thermocycler set-up.


Features of the Mastercycler X50

  • Heating rate: up to 10 °C/s
  • Wide selection of blocks from a fast silver block to 384 well block
  • VisioNize touchscreen interface
  • Innovative 2D-Gradient for advanced PCR optimization
  • X50 with Touchscreen can control up to 9 other units (connected cyclers do not have a touch screen interface)
  • flexlid® concept: automatic height adjustment of the lid allows you to use all types of consumables
  • Small footprint
  • Connect up to 50 units when using the CycleManager X50 software
  • Transfer your programs with constant parameters from other cycler models
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty


PCR Thermocycler applications

  • Fast PCR
  • PCR optimization
  • Standard PCR
  • Incubation
  • Cycle sequencing
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