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Mechanical Pipettes


Mechanical Pipettes

Eppendorf provides solutions for any liquid handling challenge in the lab. To ensure reproducible results, you are dependent on reliable and ergonomic tools. Eppendorf lab mechanical pipettes & dispensers are crafted to support you with high accuracy and precision and to allow you to work in an efficient manner while keeping you and your samples safe. Discover the ergonomic design that simply feels good.


Which lab pipette should you use?

Selecting the right lab pipette or dispenser can be the key to success in your work. It can boost your efficiency and throughput and ensure reliable results for different pipetting use cases. Here is a quick introduction to the basics.

Air-Cushion Principle vs. Positive Displacement Principle

  • Air-Cushion Principle: Air-cushion pipettes are most commonly used in labs around the world and ideal for liquids with physical properties similar to water. In this instrument type, the piston is separated from the liquid sample by a small air cushion. Temperature or humidity changes, as well as the physical properties of different liquids can affect the performance of air-cushion instruments. To reduce these risks however, Eppendorf air-cushion pipettes (Research plus , Reference 2 , Xplorer and epMotion) work with extra small air cushions and may be temporarily adjusted to different liquid types.
  • Positive Displacement Principle: In positive displacement systems, the piston is part of the tip and in direct contact with the liquid. There is no air cushion that may be affected by liquid sample properties. These tools are therefore ideal for liquids with varying viscosity, volatility, surface tension or density as well as hot or cold liquids. The disposable tips with integrated pistons (e.g. Combitips advanced) also prevent contamination and help to keep user and instrument (Multipette, Varipette) safe when working with hazardous liquids.


Eppendorf mechanical pipettes

  • Move It® Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes – Adjustable Pipette: Move It adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes significantly accelerate and simplify the workflow when frequent format changes are required.
  • Eppendorf Research® plus – Mechanical Pipette: With a variety of options available, including single-channel pipettes with fixed or variable volume, multi-channel pipette options with 8, 12, 16 or 24 channels, and our Research plus Move It adjustable tip spacing micropipettes, we can offer the right choice for your application.
  • Eppendorf Reference® 2 – Mechanical Pipette: A mechanical air-cushion pipette with outstanding precision and accuracy is extremely reliable and robust, allowing for a long service life. With its unique single-button operation, the Reference 2 provides fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating efforts and active aerosol reduction.
  • Multipette® M4 – Multi-Dispenser Pipette:  The Multipette M4 from Eppendorf is ideal for repetitive dispensing of volumes in long series without the need for repeated liquid aspiration.
  • Varipette® 4720 – Large Volume Pipette: The Varipette 4720 is a large-volume, positive displacement pipette that is optimized for lab work with viscous or volatile liquids.


Mason Technology pipette services

  • INAB (ISO 17025) pipette calibration in accordance with ISO 8655
  • Single & multichannel pipettes
  • All manufacturers supported including Eppendorf, Labnet, Rainin, Sartorius, Gilson, as well as other leading brands
  • In-house and on-site service
  • In-house laboratory test range: single channel from 0.1µl to 100,000µl and multichannel from 0.1µl to 10,000µl
  • On-site test range: 0.2µl to 100,000µl

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