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LKUexv 1610 MediLine


LKUexv 1610 MediLine

Liebherr laboratory refrigerators and freezers, including the LKUexv 1610,  have to meet the highest criteria in terms of security and reliability. Precise electronic controls, a forced-air cooling system and highly effective insulation work together to ensure outstanding energy efficiency, so that operating costs are low and the environment is protected. Advanced components and precision controls ensure that substances and materials are stored as optimally as possible.


LKUexv 1610 features

Lab refrigerator with Comfort electronic controller

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth: 82 / 60.1 / 61.8 cm
  • Adjustable temperature range: +3 °C to +16 °C
  • Energy consumption per year: 315 kWh/a


LKUexv 1610 MediLine overview

  • Retrofitting SmartMonitoring: Liebherr SmartMonitoring offers a comprehensive solution for documenting and monitoring measurement and operating data, alarm messages and appliance statuses. To connect the SmartCoolingHub required for this purpose to this appliance, you will need the RS 485 interface converter, which is available separately.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants: Liebherr appliances are optimised for maximum energy efficiency and low operating costs. We only use the natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerants R 600a and R 290. When used with highly efficient compressors, these are extraordinarily efficient and, with their low global warming potential, also future-proof.
  • Efficient refrigeration system: Liebherr guarantees the outstanding quality of its refrigeration systems through expertise derived from decades of experience in the refrigeration technology sector, and through continuous research and development. By employing only premium-quality compressors, condensers, evaporators and other refrigeration components the energy consumption and operating costs of Liebherr appliances are significantly reduced.
  • Alarm test function: This test function can be used to check whether an internally or externally connected alarm system is functioning correctly. The appliance’s refrigeration performance is not affected by this test.
  • Explosion proof: ATEX 95: ATEX 95 certification attests that Liebherr’s explosion-proof laboratory refrigerators and freezers are suitable for the storage of explosive and highly flammable materials as defined by EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).
  • Digital temperature display: The digital temperature display indicates the refrigerator’s interior temperature to the exact degree. This can be easily read from the outside to give users immediate information and without the need to open the appliance.
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