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Mettler Toledo


A Mettler Toledo CarePac contains everything you need to limit the risk of working outside specified process tolerances. Two test weights are carefully selected to correspond to 5% and 100% of your balance’s capacity – precisely what USP chapter 41 and GWP® recommends for balance testing. There are three sizes available for you to choose from to enable you to test balances of up to 8 kg in weighing capacity.


CarePac FAQs

  • What is a CarePac®? To perform a routine test on your balance, we recommend using two weights. A CarePac contains two weights, which were pre-selected for your balance. A CarePac is designed to save space and to protect the weights. Additionally, it includes a special brush and a cloth to remove possible contamination from the weights, as well as a pair of tweezers to lift the weight and place it on a balance conveniently and safely. A CarePac has space to accommodate an additional third weight, if necessary.
  • Is there space in a CarePac® to add an additional third weight if necessary? Yes, there is additional space in a CarePac to accommodate a third weight, if necessary.
  • Are there CarePacs available for both OIML and ASTM classes? Yes, we have dedicated CarePacs for OIML and ASTM weight classes.
  • Are there CarePacs available for all OIML and ASTM classes? No. CarePacs are available for E2, F1 and F2 OIML classes and in 1 and 4 ASTM classes.
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