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LR Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


LR Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The LR Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are designed for rough vacuum applications in the chemical and allied process industries.  Offering peak performance at low suction pressures, the LR1A and LR1B single-stage models from Edwards Vacuum, are tolerant of particulates and operate with minimal maintenance and noise, making them ideal for your continuous operations in the power, chemical and process industries.

These pumps are engineered to order by Edwards Vacuum.  Using their years of experience in designing, engineering and assembling liquid ring vacuum pumps, they will design your pump to  meet your process and project specific requirements.

Standard LRP Packages 

Liquid ring vacuum pump performance is dependent upon the seal liquid properties; the seal liquid must be at a temperature which is low enough to enable the pump to operate at the desired suction pressure. To minimise the amount of seal water required it is often desirable to recycle the seal water back into the liquid ring pump, to enable this either some of the water must be replaced with fresh cooled water (partial re-circulation) or it should all be cooled by a heat exchanger (total re-circulation).

A choice of configurations: The Liquid Ring Pumps are offered as standard packages in three basic configurations: Once Through; Partial; Total Re-circulation mode.  The optimal configuration will depend on your application.

  • Once Through Operation: Used where an ample supply of service liquid which can be discharged to drain is available.
  • Partial Re-circulation: Operation The discharged seal liquid and gas stream is separated in the discharge separator, fresh liquid is added is reduce the temperature of the recycled mixture and the excess liquid goes to drain. This will reduce seal liquid usage by up to 50%.
  • Total Re-circulation Operation:  Used when seal liquid is in short supply or contamination of drains is an issue. To enable total re-recirculation the separated liquid must be cooled before it is re-used. This is done by including a plate type heat exchanger in the return line

The LR Vacuum Pumps are suitable for a wide range of process industries.  The LR1A series of pumps are ideal for the filtration, vacuum forming, general industrial applications, chemical and petrochemical applications. The LR1B series of pumps are ideal for fly ash conveying, pulp and paper, filtration, flue gas desulphurization, methane extraction in mining and chemical and petrochemical applications.

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