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CIX100 | Cleanliness Inspection System

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

CIX100 | Cleanliness Inspection System

The Evident CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards for the cleanliness of manufactured components. Quickly acquire, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data to comply with company and international standards. The system’s intuitive software guides users through each step of the process so even novice operators can acquire cleanliness data quickly and easily.


CIX100 Inspection System features

  • Reproducible imaging: protected fixed camera alignment
  • Fast reporting: comes preloaded with industry standards
  • High-quality images and accurate measurements: equipped with our renowned UIS2 objectives objectives
  • Fast: distinguishes reflective (metallic) particles from nonreflective particles in a single scan with direct feedback,including live classification of all contaminants
  • Minimize errors: intuitive reporting and software with fully automated analysis save time, are easy to use, and deliver reproducible results
  • Improved reliability: measurement validation helps ensure accuracy
  • Micron-level detection: can detect particles down to 2.5 μm
  • Focused: Intuitive focus mapping and the focus on every frame option keep uneven filter papers in view for precise measurement
  • Flexible: can be used as a digital microscope with optional material analysis solutions
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