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Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)


Simplify Your Inspection Workflow

OLYMPUS Stream software offers intelligent step-by-step workflows to acquire sharp, crisp images that are ready for quantitative measurements and professional reporting based on the latest standards. Users of any experience level can conduct complex image analysis tasks, from image acquisition to standard reporting, under any imaging condition.

Designed for flexibility, the software has a broad scope of functions necessary to conduct fast, precise observations on a variety of samples while maintaining data security and reliability. Optional solutions enable users to adapt OLYMPUS Stream software to their application, including quality analysis, research and development, and quality control.

Easy-to-Use Interface and Step-by-Step Guidance

Smart Technologies for Crisp Image Capture

  • Tools for live images
  • Panorama and extended depth focus
  • Saving and recalling acquisition settings

High Efficiency on Repeating Tasks

  • Guided operation
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Automatic tools for efficient image acquisition
  • Efficient report creation

Solving Your Inspection Challenges

Advanced Imaging Solutions

  • Count and measure solution
  • Three-dimensional image display and measurement

Solutions for Metallography

  • Grain sizing using the intercept counting method
  • Grain sizing using the planimetric method
  • Graphite nodularity evaluation
  • Rating the non-metallic inclusion content
  • Comparison of sample images with reference standards
  • Dendrite arm spacing measurement

Solutions for Machinery Processing (Automotive / Machined Parts Industries)

  • Welding distortion
  • Phase and region of interest measurement
  • Particle distribution

Solutions for Electronics (Electronic Device / Semiconductor Industries)

  • Throwing power measurement
  • Automatic critical dimension measurement

Solutions for Surface Coatings and Thin Film Deposits (Coating Industries)

  • Thin coating thickness evaluation (calotest method)
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Pore fraction and density measurement

Important Notice to Olympus Stream Users

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