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Important Notice – Discontinuation of Olympus Stream Software

Evident launches the PRECiV Image Analysis Software


Evident has launched the PRECiV microscopy software suite as a successor to the Olympus Stream software. PRECiV is a versatile software controlling all conventional industrial microscopes, producing measurements and images for demanding applications in manufacturing and research. PRECiV brings microscope automation to another level of performance and usability.

Stream and Stream upgrades will no longer be available to purchase from September 2023 and we recommend all Stream users,in advance of this date, to avail of a lower-cost migration package to the PRECiV platform.

PRECiV Software new features

  1. Advanced Compatibility: PRECiV provides compatibility with the latest operating systems, including Windows 11. This ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of their microscopy software while benefiting from the advancements in the operating system.
  2. Microsoft 365 Integration: PRECiV offers integration with Microsoft 365 (Office 2021), allowing users to seamlessly collaborate and work with microscopy data within the familiar Microsoft Office environment. This integration enhances productivity and simplifies data management and reporting.
  3. Neural Network Integration: PRECiV incorporates neural network integration, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This integration enables automated tasks, advanced image analysis, and improved accuracy in measurements and classification. It enhances efficiency by reducing manual efforts and streamlining analysis workflows.
  4. Customization Solutions: PRECiV provides flexible customization options, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs. Customization features empower users to optimize the software interface, analysis tools, and workflows according to their unique microscopy applications and requirements.
  5. Enhanced Imaging Capabilities: PRECiV introduces DP23M integration for infrared (IR) imaging, expanding the range of imaging possibilities. This feature enables users to capture and analyze IR images, which can be valuable in certain research and industrial applications.
  6. Improved Measurement Consistency: PRECiV includes edge detection functionality, which enhances measurement accuracy and consistency. This feature helps users achieve reliable and precise measurements, especially in applications where edge-based analysis is crucial.

These advantages position PRECiV as a versatile and powerful software solution, offering improved compatibility, enhanced automation, customization options, and advanced analysis capabilities. By leveraging these features, users can streamline their microscopy workflows, increase productivity, and achieve more accurate and reliable results in their manufacturing, research, and development processes.


Software Upgrade Offer


For a limited time only, the migration to the PRECiV is currently being offered at a discounted price of as little as €100.00 excluding VAT* (T&Cs apply). The same software migration will return to its normal cost in September, with varying prices up to €1,800.00, for the oldest versions of Stream. Learn more about our upgrade offer.

To view the latest information on PRECiV download the brochure.

Camera Integration and Trade-in Offer


The SC30 and SC100 cameras use older technology. Therefore, although integrated into PRECiV, Mason Technology are pleased to offer a trade-in option worth a minimum of 20% off the purchase price of a new camera. The final costs of this trade-in are dependent on the age and version of the software.

Mason Technology are also pleased to offer this limited trade-in option to Life Science customers currently using SC30 and SC100 cameras. Along with the trade-in option, Mason Technology will offer Life Science customers a software upgrade to the latest version of cellSens at a discounted rate to be able to avail of Windows 11 compatibility.

Learn more about our microscope camera trade-in offer.

Legacy Cameras vs Current Cameras

*Prices listed in this post are guide prices only and may change depending on software version and the applicable VAT rate.

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