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PRECiV™ Measurement and Imaging Platform

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

PRECiV™ Measurement and Imaging Platform

Designed for Inspection and Measurements Tasks

Don’t compromise—PRECiV software works the way that you do in most popular industrial and materials science applications and offers dedicated functionality for the main tasks and applications, such as:

  • Semiconductors: defect detection using infrared imaging, wafer navigation with a motorized stage, microscope control, or simple 3D measurements
  • Electronics: EFI to clearly image thick parts, visual inspection for documentation and reporting, extended 2D measurements
  • Metals: test for macrostructural fractures in samples, determine parameters, and evaluate abnormalities and failure mechanisms using 2D measurements, Materials Solutions, panorama imaging, and EFI
  • Aerospace: validate the quality of individual parts, reconstruct large sections using automated functionality, and evaluate failures using image analysis
  • Automotive: part quality control, weldment measurements and control, and engine part, transmission, and brake system inspection

Manufacturing Measurement and Imaging Platform that Puts You in Control

PRECiV easily performs repetitive, 2D measurements and advanced image analysis during production, quality control, and inspection operations.

  • Obtain results that comply with the latest industrial standards and repetitive workflows
  • Easily analyze complex images using AI technology
  • Create professional reports that can be exported to your company’s network
  • Fast, efficient workflow thanks to robust data sharing and security features

Easy-to-Use Microscope Imaging, Measurement, and Analysis Tools

Intuitive and Collaborative

The easy-to-use user interface enables you to take advantage of the software’s powerful tools with minimal training. Easily access the software’s functions—such as observation, acquisition, measurement, and analysis—via large, clearly labeled buttons to quickly capture high-quality images and perform precise 2D measurements and image analysis on live and still images.

Use the Software with Minimal Training

For newer users, the advanced settings remain hidden, keeping the interface uncluttered. Experienced users can press the ‘more’ button to access all the features and functions. You can customize the home screen to quickly access the functions you use most often.

When you turn on the software, the live image starts automatically, so you can get right to work.

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