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Light Microscopes

Light microscopes are used for quality control applications and detailed examination of newly developed materials, electronic devices, metals, and chemicals. Our light microscopes have been designed with modularity in mind—use our optical and digital imaging components to customize your system to attain the level of performance required by today’s discerning microscopists. Evident compound light microscopes are used for a variety of applications, from routine inspection to sophisticated analysis. Our light microscopes can be combined with Evident image analysis software to build imaging inspection systems with exceptional optical performance. From basic image capture to image processing, measurement, and report generation, the Evident range sets the standard in light microscopes.


Upright Metallurgical Microscope

The Olympus Upright Metallurgical Microscope is designed for high-quality imaging and analysis of material samples in various industries, including materials science, manufacturing, and quality control. They offer advanced imaging capabilities, versatile applications, digital imaging solutions, and ergonomic design features, making them valuable tools for metallographic analysis and quality control in various industries.


Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Designed for use in the steel, automotive, electronics, and other manufacturing industries, the inverted metallurgical microscope delivers crisp images that can be difficult to capture using conventional microscopy observation methods. It is designed to quickly analyse thick, large sample materials. When combined with PRECiV image analysis software, the microscope streamlines the inspection process from observation to image analysis and reporting.

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