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MX63 / MX63L | Inspection Microscopes

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

MX63 / MX63L | Inspection Microscopes

The Evident MX63 and MX63L inspection microscopes are optimized for high-quality inspections of wafers as large as 300 mm, flat panel displays, circuit boards, and other large samples. Their modular design enables you to choose the components you need to tailor the system to your application.

These ergonomic and user-friendly microscopes help increase throughput while keeping inspectors comfortable while they do their work. Combined with PRECiV image analysis software, your entire workflow, from observation to report creation, can be simplified.


MX63 / MX63L inspection microscopes overview

  • Functional: Designed to meet the ergonomic and safety requirements of the electronics industry with added functionality to enhance analysis capabilities.
  • User-Friendly: Simplified microscope settings makes it easier for users to make adjustments and reproduce system settings.
  • Advanced Imaging Technology: Our proven optics and exceptional imaging technology deliver clear images and reliable inspections.
  • Modular: Users can customize their system with the components that suit their application.
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