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SZX7 | Stereo Microscope System

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

SZX7 | Stereo Microscope System

The Evident SZX7 stereo microscope’s Galilean optical system offers excellent image quality, especially when using a digital microscope camera. The stereomicroscope system is suitable for life science imaging applications with high color fidelity optics, a 7:1 zoom ratio, and a universal LED stand.


SZX7 Stereomicroscope System overview

  • Choice of High-Performance Objectives: The DFPlan series combines high-NA resolving power and working comfort with “distortion-free” optical design for exceptionally flat imaging, and includes a 2x objective lens with an NA of 0.2 for high-resolution imaging at 600 linepairs per millimeter.
  • Comfortable LED Illumination Base: The universal reflected/transmitted light LED illumination stand brings together all the advantages of LED technology. The flat, high-brightness LEDs allow successful integration of transmitted illumination into a very slim base, which in turn facilitates easy specimen access and manipulation.


Cost-efficient stereo microscope with system modularity

  • Galilean Optical System: The Galilean optical system employs two (right/left) independent and parallel zoom optical paths, achieving both superior optical performance and high system modularity. Careful selection of lens surface coatings and apochromatic zoom optics make it possible to observe and document specimen in more similar coloration to their original authentic colors.
  • Wide 7:1 Zoom Ratio: Covering a zoom magnification range of 8x-56x with its 1x objective, and offering up to 112x magnification with a 2x objective, the SZX7’s macro-to-micro flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of routine observation and inspection tasks.
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