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Rapid Tests (Industrial)

Mason Technology partner with Macherey-Nagel (MN) to provide our customers with a varied portfolio of test papers to allow for identification or semi-quantitative determination of more than 40 different substances in various consumer safety focused industries such as dairy, food and beverage. They give rapid results and are easy to use for an accurate on-site analysis.

  • pH Tests
  • Semi-quantitative test strips
  • Qualitative test papers
  • Test strip readers
  • Urinalysis

Applications and Industries – Industrial

  • Rapid Test for aqua culture: Easy Dip&Read tests ensure the fast and targeted control of water values in fish farming and aquariums. They deliver reliable and precise test results and cover a large number of parameters.
  • Rapid Test for beverage industry: For beverage manufacturers and breweries, reliable disinfection and sterility of surfaces, machinery, bottles and containers is vital for product quality. Test strips provide easy means to check the disinfection and rinsing process.
  • Rapid Test for dairy industry: The dairy industry uses test strips as easy‑to‑use tools mainly in quality control.
  • Rapid Test for food industry: High quality and consumer safety is a fundamental aspect in food production. Machery Nagel offers a wide range of test strips that can be used to verify constant high quality of products and safety of equipment and production facilities.
  • Rapid Test for horticulture: Dip&Read tests provide easy means to get an insight into soil parameters. They are easy to use without training and provide results directly at the point of interest.
  • Lubricants – Rapid Test for metal workshops: When metal parts are machined, cooling lubricants or coolants are indispensable to guarantee the quality of the work piece as well as the lifetime of machines. All MN Dip&Read tests can easily be performed by chemically untrained persons.
  • Further Rapid Test applications for lab environments
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