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CM-5 Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta

CM-5 Spectrophotometer

An innovative Konica Minolta Benchtop Spectrophotometer with user-friendly features and a large onboard display. The CM-5 is a benchtop spectrophotometer with a top-facing measurement port, facilitating easy sample preparation and presentation for solid samples and samples in petri dishes. It can also measure the colour of liquid and transparent samples.


CM-5 benchtop spectrophotometer details

  • Benchtop instrument with Top-Port alignment
  • Wavelength range 360 nm to 740 nm
  • d:8° Sphere Geometry
  • Reflection & Transmission
  • Stand-alone or PC Software operation
  • 3 Apertures SAV / MAV / LAV

The CM-5 is a versatile bench-top spectrophotometer ideally suited to the measurement of solid, granular and liquid samples either in reflectance (opaque samples) or transmittance (transparent or translucent samples).

The top facing measurement port, easily configured to either 3, 8 or 30mm allows measurement of virtually all samples either directly or in petri dishes. The large transmittance chamber measures liquid samples in 2, 10 or 20mm cuvettes (dependent on the sample) or translucent solids including PET preforms. The CM-5 is a versatile “all-rounder” ideal for laboratory, goods in or QC tasks in applications such as Flavours & Fragrances, Foods, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Plastics.

The CM-5 can be operated as a stand-alone instrument via the large onboard colour screen and user-friendly firmware which facilitates the setting of colour differences, and tolerances and includes all major colourimetric systems including industry-specific indices (Gardner, Hazen/APHA, Iodine, European and US Pharmacopoeia). When connected to a PC with SpectraMagic™ NX or SpectraMagic™ NX2 colour data software, Haze, additional indices, user customisations and greatly expanded options for storing, reporting and communicating colour data are available.

The CM-5 simplifies day-to-day colour measurement tasks and minimises the risk of operator errors via its simple and user-friendly user interface. Additional user-centred features such as automatic calibration, Operator Wizard and seven operator languages reduce the training and processes required to obtain consistent and accurate colour data.


The CM-5 features

  • Versatility for a wide range of applications: Thanks to the unique concept and a wide range of special accessories, the CM-5 can handle almost any kind of sample in solid, granule, pasty or liquid form. Aperture sizes from 3 – 30 mm, different Petri dishes, different cell paths and a large transmittance chamber offer unique flexibility.
  • Large colour LCD: The large colour LCD is easy to read and can display measurement data numerically and graphically or even just as PASS/FAIL judgments.
  • Wizard for on-screen operation guidance: The wizard function show intuitive on-screen guidance for users for instrument set-up.
  • USB storage of settings and data: Individual user set-ups as well as target and measurement data can be easily stored on USB memory stick to allow multi-user capability.


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