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FiveEasy Conductivity Meter – F30 Kit

Mettler Toledo

FiveEasy Conductivity Meter – F30 Kit

The FiveEasy Conductivity Meter F30, is part of the Mettler Toledo FiveEasy™ series.  This series offers an intuitive, ergonomic, and compact design at a price that matches any budget.

It features a large display for easy viewing with intuitive button arrangement and a simple menu. Little bench space is needed for the FiveEasy Conductivity Meter F30 which includes a removable sensor holder.

Key features of the FiveEasy Benchtop F30 Conductivity Standard Kit

Simplicity and Durability

  • FiveEasy™ and FiveEasy Plus™ benchtop meters provide high quality pH or conductivity measurements with the click of a button.
  • Built-in data export capabilities can connect directly to a printer or a PC using its RS232 or USB ports.
  • Reliability is ensured with simple measurement setups.

Built-in Sensor Holder

  • To save extra space, the FiveEasy™ series comes with a removable sensor holder that can be stored on the side of the meter when not in use.

Stackable Design

  • The rectangular and robust design allows for easy stackable storage when the instrument is not in use.

Compact and Light

  • The Five Series instruments measure 227 x 147 x 70 mm and weigh 0.63 kg. The compact design and weightless feel save valuable bench space while making it easy to move the instrument wherever it is needed.
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