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Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials


Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials

Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials take advantage of the 3-level coding of the SafeCode system (datamatrix code, barcode, and clear writing) to enable safe sample identification. Up to 96 pre-labelled vials are pre-racked and pre-capped for convenient usage. The vial range covers 0.5 mL to 4.0 mL for a broad range of storage applications at e.g. -80°C in the ULT freezer. CryoStorage Vials are your solution for modern high-density storage with the highest sample safety, management, and tracking needs.


Features of the Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials

  • 3-level coding for safe sample identification
  • ECC 200 error correction function enables safe code reading with up to 30 % damaged codes
  • Temperature range: -196 °C (gas phase of LN2) to +121 °C
  • Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene in class VIII cleanroom for the highest sample purity
  • Pre-capped and pre-racked for comfortable handling
  • Direct import into Eppendorf eLABInventory and eLABJournal software for convenient handling


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