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Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased


Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the perception and purchasing decision of customers looking for laboratory consumables. The Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased with screw caps in volumes of 5.0 to 50 mL reduce significantly the product-related carbon footprint. These tubes are of 90 % biobased plastic, and represent Eppendorf’s serious attempt to decouple single-use consumables from the usage of fossil resources.


Features of the Eppendorf Tubes BioBased

  • Premium biobased polypropylene – produced from recycled feedstock in second generation – in this case derived solely from waste and residue streams e.g. from vegetable oil production and used cooking oil
  • ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) to enable traceability along the entire supply chain
    ACT (Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency) Certification – the independent validation provided by My Green Lab®
    Lot-specific purity certificates from an independent laboratory can be downloaded from Eppendorf website
    General Quality Certificates on compliance with standards and general Eppendorf quality requirements
  • Premium USP class 6 raw material and no use of slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides during manufacturing ensure highest sample integrity
  • Cap with flattened and grooved sides supports a user-friendly ergonomic handling, enables a stable upright positioning, and minimizes contamination risk.
  • Reliable and safe labelling due to a large writing area on the tube and due to a flat and light-colored cap
  • High g-Safe centrifugation stability
  • Precise dimensions enable maximum compatibility with centrifuge rotors, mixers and shakers
  • Optimal sample and pellet visibility


Biobased tubes applications

  • Convenient and safe cell culture applications
  • Sample preparation in microbiology and molecular biology labs
  • Storage of samples and solutions with larger volumes
  • Preparation of mastermixes and buffers
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