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CryoCube® F570 Series – ULT Freezer


CryoCube® F570 Series – ULT Freezer

The Eppendorf CryoCube F570 series of ULT freezers (also known as ultra-low temperature freezer/-80 °C freezer) is based on a strong compressor for fast recovery to -80 °C after opening. As this class of freezer is often used as real-lab freezer, multiple openings per day are normal – a dynamic and strong cooling system is mandatory for fast recovery to -80 °C after every opening. Provide your valuable samples a safe and cold location. The freezer minimizes operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. A combined insulation based on vacuum insulation panels and polyurethane foam enables extremely low energy consumption during long-term storage (“h” versions). Benefit from sustainable cold storage combined with safe sample storage.

Key features  of the Eppendorf CryoCube F570 ULT freezer series:

  • Easy sample access: The Eppendorf CryoCube F570 series offers a 5-compartment lay-out and 5 insulated inner doors for easy sample access and safe sample storage at -80 °C. The walls are 130 mm thick based on foam and vacuum insulation panels (for the “h” version).
  • Sustainable footprint: By using highly efficient technologies, the CryoCube F570h lab freezer has a very low power consumption value. This future-oriented instrument class provides consumption levels which are ahead of most competitors within this volume class, certified by ENERGY STAR®.
  • Increased sample safety storage: The most important aspect of long-term sample storage is safety. The CryoCube F570 series of freezers is equipped with reliable heavy-duty compressors (2-stage cascade cooling system). Quick pull-down times enable fast re-use after cleaning/defrosting of the instrument. The freezers have short recovery times after opening to provide extra sample safety (Door-Open-Recovery/DOR) when getting back to -80 °C.

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