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GC-2010 Pro | Gas Chromatograph


GC-2010 Pro | Gas Chromatograph

The Shimadzu GC-2010 Pro represents a new generation in Routine GC. Fast oven heating and cooling reduces the analysis time and allow high sample throughput. Based on high-end GC technology, it combines easy operation with efficient analysis and excellence in sensitivity and precision.


GC-2010 Pro Gas Chromatograph overview

  • Flexible lineup for various analysis: Two analytical lines can be operated simultaneously for different applications
    • Achieving excellent reproducibility
    • High-speed analysis
    • Rapid oven heating / cooling
    • Constant linear velocity mode quickly determines separation conditions
    • Gas saver function reduces helium consumption
  • Achieving excellent reproducibility: All units including the column oven, flow controller and sample injection unit are comprehensively optimized at the design stage to achieve world-class repeatability of peak area and peak height. The large vaporization capacity ensures excellent repeatability, even when using solvents that are highly volatile upon injection, such as acetone. Long-term stability of retention time is realized by the new room compensation technology built into the advanced flow controller (AFC).
  • High-speed analysis: High-speed analysis with narrow bore capillary columns reduces analysis time and improves sample throughput. GC-2010 Pro has excellent flow and pressure control system, which can meet the requirements of rapid analysis with conventional configuration and effectively improve the analysis efficiency.
  • Rapid oven heating / cooling: GC-2010 Pro incorporates a double-jet cooling system, which enables the reduction of cooling time from 450℃ to 50℃ in 3.4min, realizing more efficient and rapid cooling. In addition, with the ability of rapid heating, GC-2010 Pro can significantly reduce the analysis time.
  • Constant linear velocity mode quickly determines separation conditions: The constant linear velocity mode related to the separation performance is recommended for the carrier gas control and can obtain the optimum separation conditions in the shortest time compared with the previous control method by setting the column inlet pressure and flow.
  • Gas saver function reduces helium consumption: Reducing running cost by gas saving is an important issue in GC operation. GC-2010 Pro reduces gas consumption by decreasing of split ratio after injection as well as automatic shutdown functions after finishing all analysis.
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