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Whitley H135 HEPA Hypoxystation

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley H135 HEPA Hypoxystation

The Don Whitley Scientific H135 HEPA Hypoxystation is a tall, wide, deep hypoxic chamber. This Hypoxystation has a capacity of 900 litres and can accommodate a variety of items of equipment such as live cell imaging devices, microscopes, plate readers, etc.

The generous internal height facilitates easy pipetting. All cell manipulations can be performed without removing them from your required hypoxic conditions. The entire cell culture incubator chamber is a working and incubation space.

The H135 HEPA Hypoxystation provides precise environmental control whilst leaving plenty of room to work, incubate and conduct analysis. A rapid 16 litre airlock – no risk of compromising conditions inside the chamber (and it’s flushed with nitrogen as an additional cost saving).

If you need to aspirate biological liquid waste from inside the chamber, order with a Vacuum Take-off Port and the Whitley AsPROvac for the perfect package.

For those who want to use a Seahorse XF Analyzer in their work, there is the option of connecting the H135 HEPA to a Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation.

Download the Whitley Hypoxystation Range Brochure

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