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Whitley AsPROvac

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley AsPROvac

The Whitley AsPROvac is an all-in-one laboratory aspirator to ensure biological liquid waste can be aspirated and disposed of quickly and safely. Whether it is the delicate removal of supernatants or the rapid emptying of larger culture flasks, this flexible system has 15 vacuum levels to alter the aspiration speed. A range of aspiration tools is provided to enable you to aspirate from a variety of vessels.

AsPROvac features a novel, quick-release cap/lid assembly, a shatterproof 4-litre autoclavable waste bottle and a digital display of the vacuum level.

The hand-held aspirator comprises a reusable single tip and an adaptor for single-use tips along with a reusable 8-channel tip and an 8-channel adaptor for single-use tips.

The AsPROvac laboratory vacuum system is ideal for use with a Whitley Hypoxystation (that has a vacuum take-off port fitted).

The AsPROvac laboratory vacuum system has the following features:

… to provide a method of safely aspirating and disposing of biological liquid waste:

  • Self-closure connectors avoid the escape of liquids and aerosols.
  • Equipped with a novel, quick-click lid – with no multi-turn screw that the previous user has over-tightened!
  • Supplied with a 4-litre, shatterproof waste bottle.
  • Liquid level ‘full’ indicator.
  • Features a hydrophobic filter for user protection.
  • All parts that come into contact with the liquid waste are autoclavable.
  • Fitted with a handle to make it easy to carry the waste bottle and empty the contents.
  • A reliable, high-quality, all-in-one system with no need for any additional components.

… to provide ease of use for laboratory staff …

  • Simple, straightforward operation with little training required.
  • Colour-coded, quick-release tubing connectors so you always assemble the product correctly and quickly.
  • The integral display shows the vacuum level selected – perfect for speeding up the emptying of large vessels or reducing the level for the delicate and careful removal of smaller quantities of biological liquid waste.
  • A compact footprint with the bottle set low in the holder to provide a solid, stable base and to prevent bottles from being knocked over.
  • Lightweight so can be moved around the laboratory with ease.
  • Additional ergonomic hand holds on the base for easy lifting and handling of the entire unit.

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