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Whitley M135 HEPA Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley M135 HEPA Workstation

The Don Whitley Scientific M135 HEPA Workstation is a tall, wide, deep microaerobic chamber. It is a 4-gas system with built-in oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sensors. This allows users to programme precise gas concentrations, which is perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable variable atmosphere environment. The Whitley M Range of workstations allows anoxic/anaerobic, microaerobic or hypoxic atmospheres to be created, if desired, without the need to change incoming gases.

Whitley M Range Workstations were originally designed for the study and isolation of microaerophilic organisms such as Campylobacter spp, Helicobacter pylori and other similarly fastidious organisms. Due to the flexibility of the atmospheric control (from 0% to 20% oxygen), these systems are now widely used as both microbiology and cell culture workstations. As with our other microaerobic and anaerobic workstations, the Whitley M35 can be specified with the Whitley Automatic Humidification System. This system is especially beneficial in the cultivation of microaerophilic bacteria such as Campylobacter spp. Our own laboratory tests have indicated that Campylobacter colonies grow larger and exhibit more typical morphology when incubated in an atmosphere with elevated humidity (at least 75% RH).

The M135 HEPA Workstation has an internal volume of 900 litres and can accommodate a variety of items of equipment such as imaging devices, microscopes, plate readers, spiral platers, etc. It comes complete with the unique Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System. All the atmosphere passes through the filter hundreds of times an hour, which ensures the chamber environment is cleaned quickly.

The generous internal height facilitates easy pipetting. All your work can be performed without removing your samples from the set environmental conditions and the entire chamber can be used as both working and incubation space.

With a rapid 16 litre airlock, there is no risk of compromising conditions inside the chamber (and it’s flushed with nitrogen as an additional cost saving).

DWS also offers two optional cooling methods for this workstation. A Refrigeration System could be useful if you are working with organisms that need low temperature incubation. Alternatively, the Heat Removal System allows the workstation to maintain ambient temperatures at all times.

A range of optional accessories, such as data logging and cable glands are available to tailor this workstation to your particular requirements.

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