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MVX10 | Macro Fluorescence Imaging System

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

MVX10 | Macro Fluorescence Imaging System

Designed for high fluorescence efficiency, the Olympus MVX10 macro fluorescence imaging system offers flexibility for researchers interested in the impact of gene expression and protein function at the cellular level or within whole tissues, organs, and organisms.


Olympus MVX10 overview

  • Innovative Single-Zoom Bright Macro Fluorescence: The MVX10 MacroView, employs a single-zoom optical path with a large diameter, which is optimized to collect light with revolutionary efficiency and resolution at all magnifications. From fluorescent observation of whole organisms, such as zebrafish, at low magnification to the detailed observation of gene expression at the cellular level at high magnification, the MVX10 features a unique pupil division mechanism in the light-path to mimic the effect of a stereo microscope.
  • Seamless Observation from 4x to 125x: With the parfocal objectives and two-position revolving nosepiece, switching between objectives is very quick and easy, requiring little refocusing. Therefore, with the 0.63x and 2x objectives, the uninterrupted magnification range is 4x to 125x (eye observation with 10x eyepieces). This in combination with the 2x magnification change slider, increases effective magnification to 250X.
  • Contribution to Work Efficiency: This makes fluorescence screening and verification of gene expression especially efficient, improves speed and precision, reduces judgment errors, and eliminates the need to switch back and forth between a stereomicroscope and inverted microscope.


Choice of suitable contrast and observation method

  • SZX2-ILLTQ/SZX2-ILLTS: With a slim design new LED transmitted light illumination bases have a lower height to enable a low eyepoint and easy access to base-mounted samples during observation and operation. New LED illumination base SZX2-ILLTQ four-position turret (SZX2-ILLTS one –position) enables the user to choose cartridges and to switch from brightfield (Standard/High/Low), oblique (Standard/High/Low), darkfield, polarized illumination and shutter with a simple turn. This makes the MVX10 a flexible microscope for various samples and observation tasks. Another advantage of LED illumination is a cooler base surface, which is suitable for long duration manipulation of live specimens. Power consumption is lower than a conventional 30W halogen light source. A life cycle of over 60,000 hours significantly reduces operation costs.
  • SZX2-STL: The SZX2-STL stand a stable, broad working space for observing large specimens. Attaching the Motorized Focus Unit (SZX2-FOA) creates a more comfortable work environment.
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