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SZX10 | Stereo microscope

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

SZX10 | Stereo microscope

The Evident SZX10 microscope is the logical choice when large working distance and field size are important. Our lens system is designed so users can observe and document samples in their original, authentic colors without distortion. With ergonomic components, such as longer eye tubes, users maintain a natural posture while using the microscope.


SZX10 features

  • Wide Zoom Range: With a zoom range of 0.63x to 6.3x, users can observe fine details while maintaining a wide field of view without replacing objective lenses.
  • Large Selection of Objective Lenses: Choose from a lineup of astigmatism-free SDF series lenses for varied specimen requirements.
  • Versatile Illumination Solutions: Utilize low-profile LED illumination bases and selectable reflected light illumination options for bright, even images.
  • Upgrade to observation methods such as oblique, darkfield, fluorescence, polarisation.
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