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SZX16 | Advanced Stereo Microscope

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

SZX16 | Advanced Stereo Microscope

The versatile Evident SZX16 microscope is designed for very demanding applications with the ability to resolve 900 line pair/mm. Utilize the full zoom range (0.7x–11.5x) with our dual turret. The extendable eyepoint adjuster provides comfortable posture for users of different heights.


SZX16 features

  • Optical Superiority: Achieve high-resolution and high-contrast images for precise observations.
  • Wide Zoom Range: With a zoom range of 0.7x to 11.5x, users can observe fine details while maintaining a wide field of view from macro- to micro-views without replacing objective lenses.
  • Large Selection of Objective Lenses: Choose from a lineup of astigmatism-free SDF series lenses for varied specimen requirements.
  • Versatile Illumination Solutions: Utilize low-profile LED illumination bases and selectable reflected light illumination options for bright, even images.
  • Upgrade to observation methods such as oblique, darkfield, fluorescence, polarisation.
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